As an end-to-end digital designer, I work with big brands, agencies and start-ups. Bringing their digital products to life through collaboration, research, development and design.

Kicking off a new project is as much about communicating with the client and understanding their goals and product strategy, as it is their customers needs. I am always keen to identify the opportunities for a client's new product. Every project is different but this can include organising a workshop, inviting key business stakeholders, creating a UX canvas to outline the project and creating a journey map to prioritise key deliverables and timings.

Competitive benchmarking, customer analysis through creation of personas are just some of the ways to research the market and customer needs. Concepting and user experience form part of the design phase.

According to the scale of the project, this can involve conducting user research, customer journey mapping, wireframes, prototyping and testing.

On then to the visual design where I develop branding, visuals aesthetics, key layouts, colour palette and initial style guide direction. From here, hi-fidelity prototypes, menus and general functionality of the product can be created. A project, even when complete always needs monitoring. Analysing the new product to see how it's performing, listening to user feedback and iterating changes as and when required are essential.

Virgin Holidays

Redefining search for the future of travel

Collaborating closely with key stakeholders, product owners and developers in an Agile project managed team, I delivered innovative new features such as a date-widening bar and a re-factored search panel. Being an integral part of the design team, I helped foster a user-centered design approach at Virgin Holidays.

  • art direction
  • ux design
  • ui design
  • project management

Penguin Random House

Creating a rich and engaging world for authors and their stories

In my role as Digital Design Lead at Penguin Random House, I was tasked with championing author's digital online presence through various microsites, social media and digital campaigns. I worked closely across the various divisions bringing their authors dreams, visions and learnings into the minds of the readers.

  • art direction
  • concepting
  • ui design
  • project management

From the archives...

Over the years I have been lucky to work on varied and exciting digital projects.

From producing an innovative microsite for Vintage Ladybird to mark their centenary celebrations in 2015; to creating the branding and digital online presence for an online health check application; to branding the launch of a YouTube channel for the Happy Foodie.