I started my career in digital design over 17 years ago. My experience has taught me that planning, strategy and teamwork are key ingredients to delivering successful projects.

I have always enjoyed using my imagination to be as creative as I can be to solve problems and find solutions. Be it a tricky UX customer journey or a complicated UI layout, I approach challenges with determination, persistence and critical thinking.

Prioritising workloads, defining processes, managing teams and mentoring juniors, I ensure the quality of all of my design outputs bring stories and brands to life.

To create the best experience for the user I research the brief, consider the pros and cons of different approaches, formulate a plan and devise a strategy. This forms a solid base for concept development, effective design implementation and a successful campaign across all projects.

My passion for digital design is helped by a rather large chunk of skills in the following: Sketch, Invision, Adobe Creative Suite, UX/UI design, Wordpress, Bootstrap, Semantic UI, Middleman, Wireframes, Concepts, Prototyping, Responsive Design, HTML, HTML5, CSS, Testing, Animation, Video Editing.